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Our England diary (30/04 - 06/05/2010)

london_eye.jpgVom 30. April bis 6. Mai 2010 fand unsere traditionelle Englandfahrt statt. 25 Schüler aus allen 6. Klassen krönten mit dieser Reise ihre Zeit als Grundschüler, die nun dem Ende entgegen geht...







1st day

p1190665.jpgThe jounrney was long, but I was happy.
I couldn´t sleep.
We made many breaks.
We were on the ferry.
There were many people there, the young people were not very nice to us.
My host family were nice to me, and the little girl was cute.
My first impression was great.
Of course it was all new for me.

by Michelle


2nd day

p1190718.jpgIn the morning we had breakfast.It was nice.
We had chocolate cornflakes with milk and orange juice.
Then Neil our  host father drove us to the bus stop.
We went by coach to the beach and we went to George Street.
We were in All Saints Street and saw ,,the cheese house“,the old school and the Stag Inn-the smugglers´pub.Then we went back to George Street and bought some gifts for me and my family.Later we went to the Smugglers´caves.



At the smugglers´caves we learned a lot about the smugglers.
We had to go to a cave and on the left side there was a statue of a smuggler.
It frightened me.In a little bigger room there was a TV there.
A smuggler spoke to us.I think the smuggler caves were very interesting and I had a lot of fun there.Later we went to the old castle.
There we saw a movie about it.And I took a lot of photos.

by Franziska


3rd day 
We were in a swimming pool because it was rainy. It was great fun.
 There was a big slide and waves there.
After that we drove to Rye.
In St. Mary´s  Church we drew an object we liked there.
Later we visited a tea house in Rye, we drank hot chocolate.
At six o` clock we were at our host family`s again.

The day was super!!!                                     

by Sarah

p1190751.jpg p1190756.jpg







4th day

p1190782.jpgToday we were in the New Town and in the Old Town. We saw the Jack in the green parade. It was really great. All people were in green. Then we went in the Sea Life Aquarium. We saw fish and more. Then we went to a Cafe and drank hot chocolate.Then we wenp1190829.jpgt by the East Hill Lift to the top of the East Hill. It was cold and windy all guys played football. Then we went to the beach. It was very windy but great Then we went to the New Town. We got some questions from our teachers and we answered them. Then we went home. The day was interesting and really great.

by Zeynep




5th day

p1190868.jpgToday we were in London .It was a big city .At first we were on the London Eye .After that we went to Big Ben  and Westminster Abbey .Big Ben has a big clock and Westminster Abbey is a big church .Then we went to St. James‘s Park . There were a lot of squirrels there .After that we went to Buckingham Palace . It looks beautiful . Then we went to Piccadilly Circus where I bought an I love London T- Shirt.

 by Fabian S


p1190937.jpg p1190950.jpgp1190908.jpg











6th day.

p1200058.jpgThis day is our last day in Hastings because we are going home tomorrow. Today we drove to Hever Castle and Gardens. The castle was very interesting. In the little river there was a big fish-Koi. Outside there was a maze. We could go in. Later we went to the Gardens. They were very beautiful. After that we walked to a big playground. It was fun there.

 by Klaus


7th day

p1200111.jpgToday we went to Germany (Berlin) by our coach at eight o´ clock in the morning. We drove to the ferry then we drove from Calais to Berlin.
We were in Berlin at two o´ clock a.m. Then I saw my mum and we took my luggage home. After that I ate and drank something.
Now I am in bed and want to sleep.

by Lisa