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Our trip to Havelberg, class 6b

We went to Havelberg last week.

Here are some reports and pberliner_-_kopie.jpgictures.... 



We were in Havelberg.
We visited the dome.
I was in the playroom.
Our guide was Mr. Edwin.
We were on a dyke
near the rivers Elbe and Havel.
I was on a bridge and I saw a beaver.
We visited Mrs. Welke`s mum and dad.
I was in the town.
The breakfast was super.(Lukas)


                                    Our trip to HavelbergWe went to Havelberg by bus.The dinner was super.We visited a museum in a dome.We went shopping into the town alone.We made a bike tour.Mr.Edwin was our guide.We saw beavers from the bridge at night.We made a town rallye.We watched a DVD.Its name was Vorstadt Krokodile.On Monday we had Spaghetti Bolognese.We played minigolf.We visited Mrs.Welkes parents.Mr.Stahl was our leader.We wrote many postcards to our families in Berlin.We drew posters for our doors.Mrs.Arndt was very nice.The town Havelberg is fantastic.                                    by Michelle

The last week we were in havelberg.We made a canoeing tour.We visited the havelberg dome and a museum.We went biking.We made a town rallye.We loocked at the beavers.We were at the river Havel.We walked 4 kilometres. (Mithusan)

HAVELBERG The class 6B made a class trip to Havelberg.                                                                         On Monday we had 'Spaghetti Bolognese' for lunch.After lunch we made town ralley.After the town ralley we fed beavers.We slept at 10 o´clock. On Tuesday we had breakfast.We went to a museum.After the trip we had fish and potatoes for lunch.After lunch we visited a dome.After visiting the dome we had dinner. After dinner we visited the dome be night. On Wednesday we had breakfast.After breakfast we made a trip by bike.After the trip we had 'Königsberger Klopse' for lunch.After lunch we had bike trip, too.After the trip we had dinner. On Thursday we had breakfast.After breakfast we made a cannoning tour.After lunch we played minigolf.After minigolf we had dinner.After dinner we watched a DVD. On Friday we had breakfast.After breakfast we said: “Bye bye, Havelberg”. Best regards, Natascha

 von Dennis


The last week we were in Havelberg. We were shopping into the town. On Monday we made a town rallye. We had noodles with bolognese for lunch. In the evening we were at the beavers.

On Tuesday we were in the forest museum. For lunch we had fish, sauce and potatoes.
At night we were in the dome.

On Wednesday we made a biketour to the beavercastle and to the town Quitzöbel.
In the evening we had freetime.
On Thursday we made a canoeingtour. In the afternoon we played minigolf.
At night we watched a DVD.

On Friday we left Havelberg and went home by bus.

Havelberg  Last week the class 6b) was in Havelberg. We visited a museum, a dome and the rivers Havel and Elbe. We went to the town and had free time. We went biking in to the forest. The lunch was great. We looked at animals. The breakfast and dinner was great. The canoeing was great, too. The guide was Mr. Edwin. We saw beavers swimmimg in the river. We played minigolf and had a DVD-evening. On Friday we went home. The trip was short.    Jérôme


Class trip to Havelberg                                                                               

Last  week we had a class trip to Havelberg.
The first day we had a townrallye.
In the evening we saw beavers in the river Havel.
On Tuesday we visited a naturalmuseum.
In the afternoon we visited a dome and Prignitzmuseum.
And in the evening we had a nightly dome leadership.
On Wednesday we had two bike tours.
The next day we had a canouing tour.
In the afternoon we played minigolf.
In the evening we watched a DVD.
On Friday we went home to Berlin by bus.

It was a beautiful week.



We were in Havelberg. It was good there. We went ten kilometres by bike. The canoeingtour was perfect. Lukas fell into the water. The lunch, the breakfast and the dinner were good. We walked through the forest. Marcel Wittke

We visited a dome.
We made a bike tour.
We visited a forest.
We had eggs for breakfast.
We saw beavers.
We made a town rallye.
We visited mrs. welkes mother and father.
Lukas fell into the water.
I was in the town with my friends.
We made spaghetti for lunch.
We went to rossmann´s and bought nail polish in many colours.

von sophie-ann powell


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